We can change your basement into whatever you want.

For the latest trend in home improvement, don’t look up – look down.We can change your basement into whatever you want. Maybe it is just a minor change or perhaps some damp proofing. Or maybe you are looking at fully modifying your basement and turning it into the prize of your home.

We provide:

Basement tanking and waterproofing.

Structural modifications.

Integrating plumbing, heating and electrical.

Refurbishment and decorating of basements.

The main reason basement conversions

The main reason basement conversions are really growing in popularity is because, unlike loft conversions, basements are normally closer to other communal areas and can be more versatile living spaces that suit modern lifestyles, not just extra bedrooms, bathrooms or studies. Builder2 provide teams of qualified tradesmen for Basement Conversions. A Basement (or cellar) conversion requires every type of skill, starting from the architect and structural engineer to the reinforcement of the structure of the property to installing the final lighting and finally doing the paint touch-ups at the end.


  1. Our Estimator will come and visit the property. He is a veteran builder with 25 years experience in the trade. He will thoroughly review any plans and drawings provided by the architect or structural engineer if the change you want to make to your basement requires one.                                                              
  2. Then the sequence of action and project plan will be discussed with you to work out the best way to go about the project to create minimum disturbance to your living setup.                                                                                                           
  3. You will receive by email a detailed quote for all the work and general materials. An agreement will be made on who provides what materials. We have many sources for raw material and will be able to provide the bulk of it, such as structural beams, wood floors, tiles, bricks, paint etc. Generally we will ask you to provide any bathroom or kitchen suites you may want to put in your basement.                                                                                                                   
  4. A project timeline will be worked out between you and the Production Manager, who will be overseeing the basement conversion at all times. You will have a direct line to the Production Manager at all times for any queries or changes your wish to make during the course of the project.


Perhaps the most exciting reason to 'extend' underground is that you can really enhance your family's lifestyle.

Your kids can have a giant playroom all to themselves – or the bigger kids can treat themselves to a home cinema, a recording studio, or a state-of-the-art wine cellar to really indulge their passion.If you own a commercial property it’s also worth remembering your basement could earn you thousands as extra storage, retail space, a car park or even a bar or nightclub.

Are there any financial benefits?

Apart from the extra space for you or your family, a basement conversion can earn you a packet in additional rental income. Most simply, you could rent the converted basement to a lodger, who would then share the kitchen and bathroom with the family. Or, alternatively, you could convert the basement into a self-contained studio apartment, with its own front door if so desired. If that sounds appealing, however, you should be aware that you will need planning permission if you plan to create a separate entrance to your home.

But even if you decide not to rent out your converted basement, a simple conversion can also add on thousands to the value of your property when selling it on.

Do your bit for society

It might seem far-fetched but basement conversions were championed by the Minister of State for Housing and Planning in 2005 as a way of addressing the UK’s increasing inner-city dwelling density. So you’d also be helping out the Government (if you wish)


1. It may sound a tad obvious but your property is only suitable for a basement conversion if you actually have a basement or cellar under your home. Digging a new basement under an existing property is usually not a financially viable solution, though small numbers of people do try to pursue this option.

2. Luckily, Victorian houses, and older types of properties which have timber-suspended floors, are ideal for cellar conversions, as the work can often be carried out from outside, which means you can easily continue to live in your property while the renovations are taking place.

3. A word of warning, however, some older houses may have shallow foundations, so in order to create a safe living space below, you may need to underpin your property first.

4. If this is the case for your property, then the easiest thing to do is to talk to us and we can advise you on feasibility and cost of the job.

5. Remember – while a basement conversion may seem like a dream come true, always make sure that a cellar conversion is a realistic venture for your property first.

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