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Our experienced, expert Driveway Contractors in London have been rebuilding driveways for homeowners and business owners for more than two decades. As an approved contractor for Care & Repair, a company specialising in helping elderly and disabled people access better quality housing, we understand the importance of using sustainable, responsible techniques to improve outdoor environments for the long term.


Transforming driveways with a range of innovative techniques

Our Driveway Contractors in London are happy to work on all kinds of driveways. Before we begin any work, we will always prepare the sub-base of the area to remove any vegetation and create a solid foundation. For tarmac drives, we can use a variety of colours and finishes; for concrete drives are finished in a number of ways. We are also happy to arrange block paving, which is becoming a more popular alternative to traditional techniques and offers a wide choice of textures and colours 

Driveway contractors achieving outstanding results

To find out more about what Driveway Contractors in London can do to transform your driveway and improve your drainage system, telephone us or send us an email to receive a free, non-obligatory quote and consultation.

Builder2 Groundwork Services

Looking for Groundwork Services in Cambridge? Whether you are an industrial, commercial or private customer, we can provide a full range groundwork services in London including foundations, footings, drainage, driveways, block paving and patios…

Builder2 drainage services

providing drainage services in London is an important aspect of our work as we can make a big contribution to the quality of an area by ensuring adequate drainage is in place…

Drainage contractors in London

With more than two decades of expertise as drainage contractors in London, our team at Builder2 construction can work on all kinds of projects, from small driveways to large lawns…

Groundwork contractors in London

We are specialist groundwork contractors in London with a skilled, experience workforce that has served customers across London over many years…

Block Paving in London

EKS Construction is one of the leading providers of Block Paving in London and has been serving customers in the city and the surrounding area for many years…

Drainage Contractor in London

As an experienced drainage contractor in London we assess and diagnose the problem and then advise the customer best and most economical solution…


we will provide advice on how to keep it in the best possible condition.

Block paving is a very versatile material that can be used almost anywhere. It looks great when used on driveways, paths or patios and can be mixed with other paving types to create a unique design.Another benefit is that block paving will give many years of service with minimal maintenance. Occasional sweeping to remove dust, loose soil and so on is usually all that’s needed.

Builder2 can design and install your block paving, delivering a professional service that begins by finding out exactly what you want to achieve and what your budget is. Then we create a design and go ahead with the installation only when you are happy with what we are suggesting.Your new block paving will come with a guarantee (we will tell you more about this when we start to discuss your requirements) and we will provide advice on how to keep it in the best possible condition.


Block paving

Paving slabs



Patios & decking

Patios & decking

If you invest in a new patio it’s important that it looks right, is made from the right materials and is built in a way that will ensure years of use. These are the objectives we have when we create patios for our customers.

Paving slabs

Paving slabs are the most frequent choice for patios, available in many styles including some that look just like old stone. Paving slabs also often cost less than block paving and the two can be combined in a single design.

Block paving

Block paving can be a useful alternative to paving slabs because of its durability. When properly installed it won’t crack or shift and it has great flexibility in terms of design options. Read more about block paving.


Decking can also be used to create attractive patios and we use high quality decking materials to ensure yours will be attractive and durable.
Designing and installing all of the above patio types requires skill and experience if it is to be done properly. Thanks to our credentials as groundworks specialists we can in particular ensure your new patio has a firm base for maximum stability and long life.


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  • Block paving
  • Decking


  • Foundations and footings
  • Concrete bases
  • Hard standings
  • Fencing – contract and domestic

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