The bottom line when planning any building project is ‘How much will it cost’. Loft conversion prices vary from region to region within the UK and, of course, no two conversions are likely to be the same.

But, we can use some ballpark figures and rule-of-thumb.The first, and arguably the most important, is that by building a loft conversion you should immediately add at least the amount you spend onto the value of your house.

And it just keeps on getting better.


It is possible to upgrade any loft space from it’s present condition (usually a dark dusty space only really suitable for storing boxed items) into a useable clean storage area. However to convert your loft into a real extension to your home, that could be a bedroom(s), playroom, or home office (with or without plumbing for a bathroom/shower room) there are many regulations set out by all the local building control departments.


We currently deal with most of the building control departments in London. We familiar with the requirements all of these authorities make when considering a Loft Conversion, with or without Dormer window extensions in their localities, so you can be assured that there will be no hidden extras along the way. These “Regulations” are in place to ensure that any project undertaken is built to a standard that is not only safe and environmentally friendly but is also practical and easily usable. To try to help you determine whether or not your loft will comply with these, we have shown a few very simple drawings to explain some of the initial requirements.


This is a typical example of a cross section through a house. Note Dimension A, this is the first thing a surveyor will need to check.

We must have at least 2.15M (7ft 2 inches). If you have this dimension or more, then yes you can convert your loft in the knowledge that it will meet building regulation approval. If you do not have this minimum dimension, then there is a possibility of lowering existing bedroom ceilings. This process is not as disruptive as you may think as we install the new lowered ceiling structure first, and remove the old messy structure from above later. This process usually takes 5-7 days to complete and is virtually dust free.

If you are unsure whether you have the minimum requirements we would be more than happy to offer a free site visit and check this for you. Please contact us or call 080 0999 5942 or 074 5399 1788


A good home extension should look as if it was always there! The architecture should match as close as possible to the existing building; windows, doors and any other openings within the structure should be sized and designed with this in mind. There are other planning and building regulations to also consider here.


Requirement: You live in a typical three bed semi detached house with a standard roof structure. The approximate dimensions of the house are, width = 5M (16feet) and depth = 7.5M (24 feet). You would like a separate dining room from the present diner/kitchen, and a fourth bedroom possibly with en-suite.


Solution: A double storey side elevation with adjoining roof structure (see above diagrams) the roof structure is probably the most important factor when trying to blend the proposal. An example size (land permitting) could be 5.0M of the whole depth from 7.5M by 3.0M thus increasing your property by over 50%!

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